Bear Creek Outfitters Bear Viewing Trips

Ursos Arctos Terriblis, sometimes called the North American Grizzly, though around here we refer to them as Brown Bears. We are pleased to offer two Brown Bear viewing opportunities. Come see these amazing bruins in their natural habitat with some of the most experienced bear guides in SouthEast Alaska, each of our wildlife guides has over ten years experience in the locations they take you to:

Our Pack Creek Adventure offers an opportunity to view bears on an estuary within the Admiralty Island Wilderness.

The Waterfall tour allows guests to view Bears fish for salmon at the base of a cascading waterfall. We have selected dates to operate each trip that will maximize your chances to view bears. Dates for the Pack Creek excursion are from the first week of May through the until the middle of September. The Waterfall Creek tour will operate from the second week of July until the first week end of September. All of these dates are subject to change based on the likelihood of bear sightings. We have done this for many years and we want to get it right for you!

Pack Creek Brown Bear Viewing

Pack Creek Bear Viewing

Waterfall Creek Brown Bear Viewing

Brown Bear charging after fish at Waterfall Creek